Apron dresses for all

Every Apron dress is one of a kind, made with personally found and collected metarials around the world.

Textiles are all carefully laudered and mended / repaired upon using.

Fabirc are dyed in-house

Ceramic buttons are handmade in-house

Design and handmade in Brooklyn, NY


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About ...

Shichuchi is a one-woman label that creates one-of-a-kind apron dresses for all occasions. Everything from sourcing, cleaning, repairing, and mending antique and vintage textiles, to garment dying, designing and constructing the apron dresses are completed in-house. She is hoping to extend the lives of antique and vintage textiles by encouraging people to wear and collect them.

Kindly email me if you’d like to place an custom order. No samples are kept in the studio but please send me the name of the apron dress  from archives if there’s a specific style / textile you like from the website :)

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